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Vasi Nemes

Broker / Owner

I have been a real estate broker since 2005. I started out at Skyline Properties, then transitioned to Coldwell Banker Bain as a Managing Broker. Recently, I have opened my own real estate firm, 206 Realty, LLC. It is located in Bellevue. My primary focus is not to sell you a house (or sell your house), but to provide you with the best experience along the way!

Yes, I am an immigrant to this land of opportunity! And, yes, it is still the land of opportunity! Working hard and always learning new skills was instilled in me by my parents at a young age. In 1991 we arrived in Washington state. In 1993, along with my parents and my older brother we purchased our first home. We did a complete remodel. That is how I got "schooled" about real estate in practice, not just theory. Since then, I have owned several investment and residential properties.

If you choose me as your real estate adviser, I can promise you brutal honesty! I know, "brutal" is a strong word, but brutal honesty is what is needed in this business. I will give you my opinion, my advise, and offer my resourses! You may like my opinions, you may like my advise, but you can also choose to dismiss it. As I have mentioned earlier, I have owned several investment properties so I can give you a different prospective then any other agent.

As I am very passionate about real estate, please feel free to contact me directly and start a conversation anytime! I look forward to hearing from you!